Status Update #7

Ah, these state employees moonlighting as trolls, or misled citizens advocating for the destruction of our nation for a petty drug-free dream. Not all Filipinos voted for this, and many in the government are waltzing this mad dance for profit or survival. Most are just apathetic – “it’s not happening to me” – but later, when the embargoes, when the Chinese incursions, when the inability to give prudent governance, peace, and prosperity to the majority take their collective toll – this Madman from Davao will have to go in shame.


Feudal Duterte


If you take away the usual complaints like corruption and poverty (which have always existed in the Philippines), you’ll realize that the only difference between Duterte and the previous admin is ideological. The Aquino admin tried to be progressive. The ruling regime, in contrast, is clearly conservative and panders to feudalistic notions of hierarchy, discipline, political control, state sovereignty, and sexual relations. To side with the regime is to throw away the Renaissance and the Enlightenment and embrace the Fall of Rome.